9 Best Nut Picker Uppers Of 2019 For Walnuts, Pecans & Other Nuts

While at first sight, it may seem like an easy task, choosing the right rolling nut gatherer tool is not exactly a walk in the park. There are many products available on the market, but simply going into a shop and buying the first tool you come across (or the one that has the lowest price) may prove to be a big mistake. Just because the vast majority of nut gatherers are advertised as being capable of collecting any kind of nuts from virtually any surface doesn’t mean that they’ll all get the job done.

Customers who purchase random nut gatherers often end up complaining about the product and spending more money than needed to finally get in possession of a reliable device. Some tools fail to gather small nuts from the ground, and others are too hard to use or break up way too quickly. So, as you can see, picking a good nut gatherer tool can be harder than expected and you don’t want to be hitting the stores before getting yourself well-informed about which products are good.

Reliable nut gatherers should ideally possess features like sturdy construction, large basket capacity or comfortable handgrip. This is where we come to your help. We’ve made a top 5 of the best nut gatherers of 2019, as well as a comprehensive shopping guide.

Comparison of the Nut Wizard Models

Ex-Small Nut Wizard Basket
Ex-Small Nut Wizard
Small Nut Wizard Basket
Small Nut Wizard
Medium Nut Wizard Basket
Medium Nut Wizard
Large Nut Wizard Basket
Large Nut Wizard
Objects size
3/8″ to 1″
1/2″ to 2″
3/4″ to 4″
1″ to 4″
Best suited for
  • Brass casings
  • Beechnuts
  • Pin
  • Acorns
  • Pecans
  • Hickory nuts
  • Bitternuts
  • Mocker nuts
  • Hazelnuts
  • Crab apples
  • English walnuts
  • Chestnuts
  • Red oak
  • Buckeye
  • Large pecans
  • Shotgun shells
  • Golf balls
  • Black walnuts
  • Sweet gumballs
  • Fruits (apples, oranges etc.)
  • Magnolia seed/Flower heads
  • Tennis balls
Basket size
Rating (out of 5)
The extra small version of the Nut Picker by Holt’s Nut Wizard is an ideal choice for collecting acorns of small sizes, like pin, scarlet or shingle oak, as well as beechnuts and brass casings. You can basically pick up any item with a diameter of 3/8″ to 1″. The basket features a size of 1-1/2 quarts.
A small-sized nut gatherer can be used to pick up a large variety of acorns, pecans and hickory nuts. It will also do a great job on bitternuts, mocker nuts or crab apples. It can gather objects with diameters ranging between 1/2″ and 2″ inches. The basket has a size of 3 quarts.
Featuring a basket size of 1 gallon, the medium nut picker is great for gathering items with diameters ranging between 3/4″ and 4″. To put it simply, you can gather walnuts, chestnuts, butternuts, shellbark hickory nuts, and even golf balls and shotgun shells.
With a basket size of 1-2/3 gallons, the large version of the product is suitable for items with diameters ranging between 1″ and 4″. It can collect objects like black walnuts, sweet gumballs, fruits such as apples or oranges, magnolia seed heads or tennis balls.
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What’s The Best Nut Picker Of 2019? Reviews + Guide

This being said, take a close look at the reviews below. These are, in our opinion, the best models of nut pickers that are available on the market nowadays. We’ve listed pros and cons for each of them, in addition to our opinions and other interesting facts about their manufacture and manner of utilization.

Our Choice: Garden Weasel Nut Gatherer

Garden Weasel Gatherer Pro


  • Sturdy building — made of steel
  • Elastic gathering recipient, very large, good on any surface
  • Ergonomic handgrip


  • It takes too long to collect sweetgum balls
  • Difficulties when picking up acorns

What we think

After testing this product, we can definitely say that it’s one of the best nut gatherer tools money can buy, due to its durable and handy design. However, this doesn’t mean it’s perfect. As we’ve discovered, its main flaw is that picking up some items, like sweetgum balls or acorns takes long, which some may find irritating.


The Garden Weasel Gatherer Pro is a highly efficient product that can be purchased for a relatively small price, and we believe it deserves its place in our top. Putting this tool to work is an easy process that anyone can learn quickly. All you have to do is position the device on the ground and start collecting nuts using backward and forward movements. Once you’ve filled up the basket, simply place it above a recipient, spread its wires apart and shake it until it’s empty. Using this tool is also very comfortable, as the hand grip is very ergonomic. Check out my detailed Garden Weasel Nut Gatherer review.

This rolling nut gatherer is ideal for collecting items such as pecans, chestnuts, walnuts, hickory nuts or butternuts. But seeing as the tool is multitasking, you can also use it on small fruits. Furthermore, the Garden Weasel Gatherer Pro is also great for tidying up your garden, as it can also pick up rubbish that’s scattered all over the surface, like golf balls. All in all, you can be sure that if you buy this product, you’re making a good choice!

Nut Broom Gatherer

Nut Broom Gatherer


  • Works very fast — time-saving
  • Durable design
  • Repairable
  • Includes a spreader – easy to empty


  • Small-size nuts are hard to pick
  • Loose handle – not very comfortable

What we think

When putting this tool to the test, we were categorically impressed. This nut gatherer can do its job even at high speeds. You can practically run while holding it to the ground and it will still collect nuts, which is quite something! On the other hand, picking up acorns can be strenuous, and the handle is quite weak.


The Nut Broom Gatherer is by far one of the most reliable tools on the market and we recommend any homestead owner to at least take a look at it. This product features a clever design and allows you to gather nuts and unload them into a recipient of your choice in an effortless manner. Using this tool is really a piece of cake. Simply place it on a surface and start moving it back and forth until the basket reaches full capacity. Afterwards, use the incorporated spreader to widen the basket and empty its contents. The Nut Broom Gatherer works for all sorts of nuts, like walnuts, pecans or chestnuts, but also for other small items that may lie about in your garden. One of the greatest features of this tool is that it’s repairable. If the Nut Broom Gatherer breaks or deteriorates, simply use a repair kit, and it will be as good as new!

A.M. Leonard 10 Inch Weasel Nut Gatherer

A.M. Leonard 10 Inch Weasel Nut Gatherer


  • Study elastic design — made of steel wire
  • Ergonomic handgrip
  • Can endure extreme temperatures and rust


  • Hard to collect small nuts like acorns — they can fall off
  • Wires need to be spread manually

What we think

All in all, this is indisputably a product that can be very helpful when performing your daily chores in your backyard. This medium-sized nut gatherer is comfortable, easy to use and has a durable make. However, emptying the basket can be annoying, as it isn’t equipped with a spreader.


This is a trustworthy tool that will ease up the workflow of anyone who is passionate about gardening. It displays a sturdy design and it is highly resistant to rough meteorological conditions. Moreover, with this instrument, you’ll practically never have to worry about rust. Due to its medium size, storage won’t take up a lot of space, which makes the tool an ideal choice for those who don’t own a big storage shed. Using the A.M. Leonard 10 Inch Weasel Nut Gatherer is smooth sailing. All that is required from you is to put it on a surface and move it to and fro. After you fill up the basket, place it over the garbage bin or any other recipient spread the wires apart, and wait for it to empty. This is where you’ll be hit by the biggest inconvenience of the product: it doesn’t have an emptying tool. Nevertheless, this is one of the most practical tools on the market, as it can collect items ranging from chestnuts and walnuts to sweetgum seeds and golf balls.

Nut Harvester by Carrot Design

Nut Harvester by Carrot Design


  • Strong and flexible wire cage, made of welded steel
  • Lasting utilization period
  • Features a dumping accessory
  • Sturdy aluminum handle


  • It can rust over time
  • Handgrip is not very comfortable

What we think

This nut gatherer tool is quite a marvel. Ever since we first laid hands on it, we were amazed by its advantages, like high flexibility and strong welded steel design. Nevertheless, there’s also a significant drawback that you need to be aware of: it isn’t rust resistant.


This small nut harvester is a tool that can literally do wonders in your patio or backyard. Unlike most of the models out there, this device actually does a flawless job at gathering tiny nuts, such as acorns. It also works on bigger nuts, as is the case with pecans or hazelnuts. Furthermore, the Carrot Design rolling nut gatherer tool can also be used to collect debris such as shotgun shells. Using this instrument is simple. It can do a proper job in a short time. The user needs to position it on the grass or any other type of area and move it back and forth. After collecting a large number of nuts, the wire cage will reach full capacity. At this point, a noteworthy feature of the nut harvester will come in handy: the dumping tool, which can rapidly empty the contents of the wire cage into another recipient. In between so many advantages, there’s also a major let-down – this tool is predisposed to rust. So, if you buy it, make sure you do away with the moisture.

Large Nut Picker by Holt’s Nut Wizard


  • Large basket capacity
  • Can gather large fruits
  • Made in the USA


  • Difficult to empty — no dumping tool
  • Hard to pick up sweetgum balls
  • Not good for smaller nuts and fruits

What we think

In our opinion, this large nut gatherer is definitely a good acquisition. If you plan on gathering big nuts and fruits from your yard, this is the right tool for you. On the other hand, if you want something that can pick up tinier items, avoid this product and buy a smaller one.


The Large Nut Wizard by Holt’s Nut Wizard is probably the best rolling nut gatherer tool for those who want something that can pick up large-size nuts and fruits. You can use it on black walnuts, almonds, hickory nuts, liquid amber seed balls, apples, oranges, lemons, limes, tennis balls and many other items or debris of similar size. However, in case you also need to collect small objects such as acorns or crabapples, this product will probably disappoint you; so it might be a good idea to look for a smaller one. Using the Large Nut Wizard should not pose any problems, apart from one major inconvenience – it does not come with an emptying tool. So when the basket is full, you need to spread the wires apart manually. Customers often order an additional wire dumper, but this obviously means paying a bigger price. Other than that, this tool works the same as the other products we presented: put it on the ground and start to roll.

The ultimate guide to choosing a nut gatherer

Dumper attachment

Choosing the right nut gatherer to use in your patio or garden may not be a life or death decision, but you shouldn’t take this issue lightly either. We’re talking about a tool that has a great potential of making your daily chores easier. But if you simply buy the first product you set eyes upon without studying its manufacturing process and features, your life may actually get harder, as you won’t achieve anything other than wasting some hard-earned money. So, before you start shopping for a rolling nut gatherer, here are some significant aspects you need to take into consideration.

Dumping accessories

Ideally, you should look for rolling nut harvesters that come with a dumping accessory. The design of the majority of these tools is simple and includes two major elements: a long handgrip and a wire cage. When picking up nuts, you need to place the wire cage on the ground, hold the prototype by its handgrip and roll it back and forth. The hard part comes when the wire cage fills up, and you need to empty it. Most pecan picker uppers on the market don’t come with a dumping accessory, so the user needs to spread the wires of the cage by hand. On the other hand, if your nut harvester includes an emptying tool, this will no longer be a problem, as this handy accessory will do all the work. So, if you want a device that can truly make your life easier, look for a tool that features a dumping accessory.

Different size nut gatherers

Type of nuts you want to collect

Before shopping, think of the kind of nuts that lie about in your yard. In general, it’s not very hard to find a product that does a good job as a pecan picker upper. The majority of rolling nut harvesters generally work for large nuts, like pecans or hickory nuts. The tricky part is when you need something that can also collect small-size nuts, like acorns. As a rule, a prototype that can do a good job for small nuts and other tiny items. In other words, pay attention to smaller gaps between the wires of the basket. If the gaps are too big, smaller nuts and objects will fall rapidly during your harvesting process. In general, nut picker uppers that can collect small nuts have a small basket capacity.

Other features you need to consider

When buying this type of product, you should think about your long-term comfort above all else. Therefore, you should search for features such as ergonomic handgrip and flexibility. Furthermore, you want something reliable and sturdy, which can last for many years. For this purpose, look for rolling nut harvesters that feature a durable design, ideally made of steel, as this sort of product can also withstand rust and rough weather.


As you’ve probably noticed while reading our detailed shopping guide, most rolling nut gatherers today work more or less in the same way. This is exactly why purchasing a reliable product is tricky, because you need to look beyond appearances and examine the smaller details and characteristics. As we’ve pointed out, some of the most important features you need to take into account are sturdy design, basket capacity, ergonomics, flexibility as well as a dumping tool. Moreover, you should consider doing a little research on the exact types of nuts that your prospective rolling nut harvester can gather. Before you actually buy the device, it is vital to consider all of the criteria mentioned above. After all, the usability of the tool and your personal satisfaction with the product will depend on a variety of small details, making up a larger product. We hope you’ve found our tips and tricks useful; now, it should be a lot easier for you to make a good acquisition. Buy now with no fear.

Rating (5 stars)
Rating (5 Of 5)
By Michel Hinojosa on Nov 25, 2016

Wizards gatherer is a unique invention for collecting nuts and you can even use this nut picker for other fruit. I even use it to collect nuts in a green pericarp, which did not manage to fall in the process of ripening. The picker can easily cope with any size of nuts, suitable to collect on an uneven surface and thick grass, saves your time and effort, and facilitates the process of nut harvest. The tool turns this time-consuming process into a pleasure. Now the collection of nuts is not a problem for me!

Rating (5 Of 5)
By Stephane Huntley on Nov 30, 2016

As you already know, the nuts collection is a labor-intensive process that requires a lot of time and effort, that is why I was really glad when I got to know about the pecan picker upper. And what a pleasure to apply this gatherer! It gathers the nuts easily in any conditions. The tool has become an indispensable assistant for me. Using it, I have significantly reduced the time and effort spend on nuts collecting!

Rating (5 Of 5)
By Trudie on Dec 05, 2016

I have acquired this walnut picker upper recently and should admit without hesitations that it is a worth thing to buy. Thanks to this tool, the process of nuts gathering is easier and faster. I can give only positive recommendations to this gatherer! I have no need to bend after purchasing the picker!

Rating (5 Of 5)
By Vallie Ruff on Dec 09, 2016

I did not believe in the usefulness of the nut picker upper when one of my friends told me that he had bought one. Nevertheless, I decided to try it myself. And here are the main benefits of the gatherer that I found out: the picker saves time and your strength and takes all the work itself; it is made of high-quality steel, which ensures a long service life and is suitable for the collection of nuts even on uneven surfaces.

Rating (5 Of 5)
By Vivienne Tinsley on Dec 14, 2016

Pecan harvester was a real discovery for me. I did not believe at first that this picker can do the job for me. But it succeeded! I did not have to bend thousands of time thanks to it. As to other benefits, this gatherer saves a lot of time. Really advise you to try the tool!

Rating (5 Of 5)
By Elizbeth Russ on Dec 20, 2016

The person who invented the wizards gatherer is a genius! I could not even imagine that such tool can exist until I saw the ad about the nut picker. As this was always a time-consuming process for me, I risked to buy the harvester and should now confess that I cannot live without it anymore.

Rating (5 Of 5)
By Estell Worthington on Dec 27, 2016

At last, the progress touched such sphere as gardening. The appearance of wizards gatherer is the best thing that could possibly happen to benefit the life of the gardeners worldwide. I had a lot of nut trees, so it was a real problem for me to collect the nuts. Now, it is a pleasure thanks to this invention.

Rating (5 Of 5)
By Georgene Zepeda on Jan 09, 2017

Nut picker upper is really a cool tool. The construction of it is very simple or even can be called primitive, but it was necessary to create it. I do not know the name of the inventor but I’d like to express my gratitude to him. The garden work has become significantly easier with the picker.

Rating (5 Of 5)
By Terrence Anderson on Jan 19, 2017

In today’s time, most of the people have to seat and work on computers for hours. so backpain is really common issue for everyone now.. and if you harvest a garden yourself then its like you just dont want to care about body at all.. if you do then without wasting time you should buy walnut picker upper now and makes your harvesting process easy and painless

Rating (5 Of 5)
By Kattie Busch on Jan 31, 2017

I have only recently seen such a tool as pecan harvester in the garden of my neighbours and was greatly surprised that such a tool exists. So, I have asked my husband to buy the one for me and now the process of nut collecting turned into an easy task that even our children like to do.

Rating (5 Of 5)
By Keesha Eckert on Feb 13, 2017

Walnut picker upper is a simple garden tool but a very useful one. If you care about your health and about your back and knees, in particular, I advise you to purchase such picker and you will have no difficulties with nuts gathering when the season of harvest comes. Take care of yourself! I have already done this!

Rating (5 Of 5)
By Sal Wagner on Feb 24, 2017

I have been working in the office my whole life so the back pain is my constant companion. I’ve bought rolling pecan picker upper once I found out such thing exists, and after couple years I’ve added couple more models to my collection. Saves time and effort and keeps my back safe and sound – what can be better?

Rating (5 Of 5)
By Dorothy Aldridge on Mar 15, 2017

When I was younger I believed such tools are for lazybones only – I preferred spending more time cleaning out my lawn from walnuts falling down from several trees around my home. But as the years went by I forgot my skepticism and bought myself a Holts nut wizard. And I should say my loin is feeling much better, as well as my lawn.

Rating (5 Of 5)
By J. Manningg on Aug 07, 2017

Question: Can one of these be used in a pool to pick up the acorns?

Rating ( Of 5)
By aonaon on Sep 18, 2017

Hi, yes, but only large acorns.